Presenting 11 Artist
7 – 10 September, 2023

Booth A07

REDBASE’s booth attracted collectors and audiences from around the world. Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull visited the booth and engaged in friendly conversations with numerous distinguished artists. REDBASE’s participating artists, including He Sen (China), Jin Sha (China), Cheolyu Kim (Korea), and Samuel Quinteros (Australia), traveled from their respective countries to share their creative experiences and philosophies with the attendees at the exhibition. Artists from different genres and backgrounds, as well as participants from diverse cultures, came together at our booth, fostering an international cultural exchange and creative collision.

Exhibiting Artists: Cheolyu Kim l Gao Xiaowu l He Sen l Jin Sha l Li Rui l Wei Dong l
Ari Bayuaji l Ariadhitya Pramuhendra l Gao Rong and Ding Hui l Luo Qing l Samuel Quinteros