Ari Bayuaji


‘Weaving The Ocean’ began with the idea of replacing vanishing natural materials with new “natural” materials that can be found easily.

“Entwined with the roots, the plastic rope appeared almost to be like a naturally growing part of the trees. This discovery led me to use the plastic threads as material for weaving. Plastic is abundant in our environment these days that it has essentially now became a major element of the natural world. As an artist I have been inspired by the contemporary problems in our society. Weaving the Ocean is a great art project that created in the spirit of the culture and nature harmonious relationship.” – Ari Bayuaji

Bayuaji has been exhibited at Redbase Foundation Jogjakarta Indonesia in 2016. Some of his works has been collected by some major institutions as such as Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal (Canada), Musée National des Beaux-Arts du Quebec (Canada), La Fondation Agnés B. de Paris (France), Coral Triangle Center of Bali (Indonesia), Precious Plastic of Bangkok (Thailand), Danfoss (Denmark), Royal Bank of Canada, Hydro-Quebec, and Redbase Art Gallery Sydney (Australia)


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