Gao Xiaowu


Pet God Dog – Gao Xiaowu

Gao Xiaowu, a luminary in the realm of Chinese sculpture, has left an indelible mark over the past decade with his unwavering commitment to the belief that “the present is the moment.” His artistry is a testament to the philosophy of “art for the common people,” employing metaphors and a non-extremist, rational approach to convey profound societal critiques and reflections through a gentle and light-hearted demeanour. As one of the pioneers in China’s exploration of art’s diverse possibilities in public spaces, his work reverberates with layers of meaning and contemplation.

In the sculpture, Pet God-Dog, Gao Xiaowu ingeniously employs the image of a smiling, bowing dog as a poignant metaphor for humanity. These dogs, symbolizing docility and submission, juxtaposed against the backdrop of human society, become a powerful commentary on the cunning and survival-of-the-fittest ethos that often prevails. The artwork challenges the human tendency to yield to materialism and self-interest, ultimately leading to a decline in societal ethics and moral values. ‘Pet God series’ is a thought-provoking series that aims to awaken viewers to these societal issues while encouraging introspection on personal actions and values.

Gao Xiaowu is a graduate of the Sculpture Department at the esteemed Central Academy of Fine Arts. His exceptional artistic contributions and global influence position him as a distinguished figure in the contemporary art landscape. His acclaimed series of works find homes in prestigious international art institutions and galleries, including the White Rabbit Gallery and the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). Gao Xiaowu’s active participation in renowned exhibitions worldwide, such as Sculpture by the Sea, the Melbourne Festival, the Venice Biennale, the London International Art Fair, and the Beijing Biennial, underscores his international renown and significance in the art world.


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