Embarking On A Wishful Journey

Group Exhibition
15 Sep - 30 Nov 2023
Foundation Art Space


Group Exhibition

In order for the world to be, it has to come through a long way of change. From the moment that it had created itself, up to the point where humans began to decide what of it then, some things persist regardless. Mother nature, for example, is a force to be reckoned with. Where humanity is often so blinded by the need to survive, nature doesn’t have the same spirit as it is naturally and automatically programmed to do so.

      With both of their own persistence, this inevitably creates a conflict of its own. Eventually the thought that the world had been divided between both humanity and nature becomes easier to perceive, and consequently humanity then becomes divided when it comes to facing this conflict, all dependent on their own backgrounds.

        The last few years had forced this perception to change though, with the conflict of global warm-ing reaching an urgency never seen before. As amazing as it is to see nature overcome everything to survive, unfortunately the damage this time around is not something that nature can overcome by itself. This problem creates an imbalance forcing humanity to understand that they cannot live without the latter, affecting the climate, something that everyone has access to and therefore has no choice but to endure every day.

     Inevitably reaching the art world and highlighting the dire situation, this exhibition stands as REDBASE gallery’s attempt to further expand awareness on the situation. Yet instead of reminding people of the bad it could do, this exhibition tries to remind people of the good that would be lost. Intended to open up people’s eyes to remember what to fight for, what to move on to, and build the desire to care about what we might lose, the potential with what we have. After all, the suggestion of a feeling of loss is worst dealt with when it almost happens.

       The world consists of many elements of life within it in order to keep going, and this harmony is essential to make everything worthwhile. The works in this exhibition intend to make people realize that since this change is inevitable, there is something to take out of it. With the belief that everything happens with a reason, to push through this crisis people need resilience, a rational and hopeful outlook in order to make any active progress. Of course, in order to make any change, there needs to be a process of support from each other. Working together is a great key to how the world functions, and the circle of life serves as a testament to this. Thus in order to effectively do so, it is essential that people are aware of the relationship between all of life in this world.

        Once more, humanity is pushed to adapt, grow from what they have, and create new solutions in the meantime. This same awareness to change is also essential for a gallery to persist through the art scene, therefore not only does this journey apply for the better of the world, it also applies to anything so long as there is will. Along with the world’s attempt to survive for a better tomorrow, REDBASE strives to grow with the new hope provided by their fresh faces, ready to take on the future.

Selected Artworks
Installation View

Artists :

Ari Bayuaji

Budi Setyawan

Desrat Fianda

I Kadek Suardana

M. Fauzul Kiram

Ricky Wahyudi

TacTic Group