A – T, The Journey 1

Group Exhibition
26 June - 18 Aug 2023
Foundation Art Space


Group Exhibition

“A to T – The Journey no.1” is an exhibition that celebrates a select group of artists who have been instrumental in the growth of the REDBASE Foundation since 2015. We take immense pride in collaborating with these exceptional Indonesian artists through solo and group exhibitions and artist residencies. It is an honour to represent their work both on local and international platforms. In 2021, we broadened our scope with the establishment of REDBASE Art Space in Sydney. Our focus has been on international contemporary art, with a special emphasis on Indonesian art. Over the past year and a half, we have successfully showcased Indonesian art at the Auckland Art Fair and Sydney Contemporary Art Fair. We are excited about the future, as we look forward to supporting and growing with many more artists.

About the A – T
Growth and change are inevitable aspects of life and art. These processes often occur organically, presenting us with a range of choices: to adapt, to go with the flow, to seize the opportunity for advancement, or to reflect on past experiences as a guide for future steps. The creative process is a testament to this growth, drawing inspiration from a multitude of sources. Art residencies, for instance, provide artists with opportunities to learn from their peers and gain new perspectives within the art scene. These experiences often provoke thought, prompting ideas to evolve in ways that enhance their original identity. Galleries, too, are integral to this process. By working closely with artists, galleries gain a deep understanding of artistic values and the unique ideas each artist brings to their work. This interaction enriches the gallery itself and influences future collaborations, creating a learning cycle within the art economy that fosters collective growth. While the end-product often garners the most attention, the process is equally significant and intriguing. Process serves as a source of inspiration and a reference to the past, offering lessons to overcome challenges or spotlight issues that have been overlooked. This group exhibition embodies this process, reflecting the evolution of the REDBASE Foundation through the works of artists who have journeyed with us over the years. Their pieces explore themes of self-awareness, acknowledgment of the past, responses to reality, and the question of originality. “A to T – The Journey no.1” serves as a testament to the journey of REDBASE Foundation and the artists who have been part of the narrative. It marks the beginning of a series that will continue to chronicle our growth and evolution, a celebration of the intricate dance between art and life that shapes our collective journey. We extend an invitation to you to join us on this journey, as we anticipate many more chapters in the unfolding story.

Selected Artworks
Installation View

Artists :

Amin Taasha

Argya Dhyaksa

Arya Sudrajat

Danni Febriana

Desrat Fianda


Hojatul Islam

I Made Widya Diputra

Moch Krismon Ariwijaya

Robet x Olga

Suvi Wahyudianto

Theo Frids Hutabarat