Argya Dhyaksa


Argya Dhyaksa was born in 1991, Indonesia
He graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology. He is known for his playful, whimsical yet cynical artworks. Objects he created circle around the ideas of creating objects out of forms with raw, unpolished and surreal finish. Argya rejects the process of illuminating artworks – which always starts from contemplation and conceptual considerations. In his process of conveying meanings through the medium, he resists the use of any measures in the making of ceramics. In working with his ceramics, he marginalizes the use of concept and disregards any technical restrictions. His process of creation of ideas, forms, colors and end finish of the ceramics flows freely with no unit of measurement applied. His complete ignorance toward material aspects is rooted from the exploration and failures he has undergone in working with ceramics.

Selected exhibition:

2016 – “Art Central Hong Kong 2016” group exhibition, with Redbase Art booth A08, HongKong, China
2016 – “Neglected Ordinaries” group exhibition, at Redbase Foundation, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
2015 – “NEW FUTURE” group exhibition, at Art:1 New Museum, Jakarta, Indonesia


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