Weaving the Ocean

Solo Exhibition
9 Nov - 8 Dec 2022
Redbase Art Sydney


Solo Exhibition by Ari Bayuaji

Redbase Art Gallery is proud to present a solo exhibition ‘Weaving the Ocean’ by Indonesian artist Ari Bayuaji.

Born in Indonesia and studied Fine Arts at Concordia University Canada, Ari lives and works in Montreal and Bali.

Transforming plastic waste washed up on the coast of Bali into contemporary works of art, Ari addresses pressing environmental and social issues such as pollution of the oceans and the destruction of marine life caused by the local tourism industry. Taking inspiration from the role sea plays in the blessing and purification rituals and combining it with the textile production, Ari pays homage to the Balinese spiritual life and Balinese cultural heritage.

“One day, I discovered an abundant supply of plastic ropes tangled in the roots of mangrove trees near Sanur on the coast of Bali. Entwined with the roots, the plastic ropes appeared almost to be like a naturally growing part of the trees. This discovery led me to use the plastic threads as material for weaving. Plastic is so abundant in our environment these days that it has essentially now became a major element of the natural world. Our lives have become entangled with plastic products in much the same fashion as the coral that I found growing on plastic ropes along the shoreline of Sanur.

I collaborated closely with a weaver and her assistants, soliciting their input in choosing colour combinations and line patterns for the textiles. Weaving the Ocean Project has recruited more than 15 people now. Not only giving good income for each of the collaborators, the project has also educated many people in Bali. My future plan is to create a foundation so that we can continue the project to educate and to help more people in some different coastal areas in Bali and other islands. Hopefully the project will develop even further to sustain the environment and help out more people in this society.”

Selected Artworks