Group Exhibition
21 September - 11 November 2022
Redbase Foundation Indonesia


A Group Exhibitions

Redbase Foundation present a group exhibition which is an annual program as an effort to provide opportunities for young contemporary artists from various cities in Indonesia to develop their careers. This initiative is to promote emerging artists and support them on their way to their professional careers. The artists that are taking part in this group exhibition come from Yogyakarta, Bandung, Jakarta, Bekasi, Solo, and East Java. ‘Winds of Change’ shows the works that are the embodiment of the things they encounter in their daily lives. Both about things that interest them, and problems around them related to social, environmental, historical, and traditional issues. Even small and simple things around them can be turned into something very interesting and has deep meaning.
Such as Danar Pintar Najati who was inspired by the crossword puzzle and micro diorama as the embodiment of life in a small garden setting but saves a variety of colors. And Oky Tisna who was inspired by Pramoedya Anantha Toer’s novel entitled ‘Ditepi Kali Bekasi’ (On the Banks of Bekasi River). Meanwhile, Yuda Optiffiny, Abdurrohman Wahid, and Ramadhyan Putri Pertiwi were inspired by nature and the surrounding environment that depicts freedom. And Arya Sudrajat was much inspired by used cans with its color, shine, texture, rust, cracks, and dents.
Tri Pandrong present the works that use digital effects such as the barcodes that can be scanned and UV light as if he wants to create his own rainbow in his self-perception.
‘Winds of Change’ does not only show the strokes on canvas, but also variety materials and medium as their artistic expression. Such as the photography by Ci Puloh, fabric waste and crochet displayed by Robet x Olga and Faelerie, and canvas pieces by Ricky Wahyudi which for him is like slicing a big problem into small ones and then solving the problem. While Yulian Ardhi shows the works using fabric, DVD case, and light box as the medium. And Moch. Krismon Ariwijaya’s installation work using wood, fabric, steel, cement, and burlap sakcs. Through this annual program the artists not only have the chance to show their work, but also have the opportunity to be represented overseas by our gallery in Sydney, Australia. And through this group exhibition, these young artists attempt to bring a better ‘Winds of Change’ to life.

Selected Artworks

Abdurrohman Wahid

Arya Sudrajat

Ci Puloh

Danar Pintar Najati


Oky Tisna

Ramadhyan P

Ricky Wahyudi


Tri Pandrong

Yuda Optiffiny

Yulian Ardhi