Tri Pandrong


Tri Pamuji Wikanto AKA Tri Pandrong
Born at Blora, December 22 1979. Lives and works at Yogyakarta
2004-2009 ISI Yogyakarta (Indonesia Institute of The Art) art painting
2003-2004 Computer (graphic and language)
1999- Communication Studies
1998- Graphic Design

Solo Exhibition
2014 “by Train” at Balkon art incubator Melbourne Australia
2013 “I know U know” at Perahu art connection Yogyakarta Indonesia
2009 “Me < = > Masterpiece” at Philo Art Space Kemang Jakarta Indonesia
“Skateboard dan Kondisi Sosiokultural” at 1st floor Fine Art Building, FSR ISI Yogyakarta Indonesia
2007 “Being Extreme” at 2nd floor Fine Art Building FSR ISI Yogyakarta Indonesia Duo Exhibition
2019 “Blue” at Miracle art studio Yogyakarta Indonesia
2018 “Yellow” at ViaVia kafe Yogyakarta Indonesia
2017 “Hitam” at Studio Kalahan Yogyakarta Indonesia


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