YADAYUDA DAYUDAYA – Untitled Javanese Soul

Group Exhibition
25 July - 25 September 2022
Redbase Foundation Indonesia


A Group Exhibitions Moch. Krismon Ariwijaya dan Rizqi Maulana

Sometimes, we do not receive complete information because it has been filtered for various political, economic, or ideological interests. That is why it is difficult to reach balanced and wise decisions on multiple issues considering all the relevant variables. Therefore, “Yadayuda Dayudaya: Untitled Javanese Soul” by Krismon and Rizqi construct a mythical space that defines the plurality of weltanschauung (life philosophy) from collective memory through Nusantara’s spiritual entity: “ruwat.” They offer an effective presence for us to experience the ruwat procession together and contribute to each other’s peace. Therefore, Yadayuda Dayudaya is present as a performance space that offers a unique experience, namely taking part in time, space and action.

Yadayuda Dayudaya: Untitled Javanese Soul believes that past phenomena need to be treated with a spiritual form that is affected by the process of assimilation and symbiosis that leads to a merger called amalgamation, both consciously and unconsciously. And through this space, “rajah” needs to be embraced without fanaticism, especially in inviting us to experience post- metaphysical sensations by emphasizing events, that every discourse about the past for beyond is excitement about the impossible, excitement to go where you can’t possibly go. These two young artists invite them to see, think about and organize experiences, then formulate them as reflections and representations of reality towards one thing: peace. The exhibition room as a place for ceremonies, meditation rooms, and mental exercise rooms are constructed to create a mental condition that is free and increasingly free from pain, suffering, or revenge as the embryo of peace, the embryo of happiness. Furthermore, this exhibition represents the embodiment of ceremonies, where the audience experiences the presence of a collective ritual involving individuals from various faith backgrounds who can break the ice of sectarian prejudice to create a bonum commune: peace.

Audiences are invited to be ready to open their inner mind to the voices of their ancestors through a contemplated rajah. To jointly empower in emptying the mind of revenge, hatred, or evil spirits into a “suwung” (empty) situation or condition, free from the desire for revenge or suffering. With a state of “suwung”, the dew of events born of deep joy enables the people of today to realize rajah’s advice to newly initiated humans to catch what is said to be the blowing wind, the swaying tree, the flowing water, the buzzing fly, creaking doors, singing birds, strumming of musical instruments, the whistling of flutes, and the groans of tortured people. Which, in the end, brings awareness to be a prayer in everyday life. To contribute (both for himself and others) to enjoy a peaceful life in the future.

Selected Artworks

Krismon Ariwijaya

Rizqi Maulana

Installation View