Rizqi Maulana


Rizqi Maulana was born in Sidoarjo, East Java. Through various processes of creation and influence of social and cultural experiences, as well as various events experienced empirically, in his work practice, Rizqi conveys an idea through the form of exploring an issue of spiritual values (Javanese). , religiosity, traditional culture, and local myths as ideas in the creative process, then reconstructing and conveying them with symbols and visual language which are embodied in visual works reinterpretatively.

Javanese society is known as a religious society. The attitude of the Javanese people to this day is strongly influenced by the spiritual nature of thoughts and feelings. In practice, the Javanese people have a special relationship with nature and its surroundings. Thoughts about cosmological phenomena in the minds of the Javanese people gave birth to habits, culture, traditions and rituals that intersect with respect for the nature in which they live. 

Through behavior that is full of values in the Javanese tradition, Rizqi makes observations and observations. Empirically Rizqi grew and received lessons and character building directly by the family from an early age. Environment, experience and memory simultaneously play a role for the artist in using perspectives and responding to social, cultural and spiritual events. 

Rizqi’s interest in raising the idea of creation has external and internal reasons. The external reason is that in the world of Indonesian art practice there are artists who explore Javanese spirituality. The exploration of Indonesian artists cannot be separated from tradition and this phenomenon has occurred since the time of Raden Shaleh to this day and the roots of tradition are still used as the basis for the theme. And the internal reason is that the artist, as a young artist, feels anxiety about the tendency of homogeneous global art which has lost its soul, lost its cultural roots, aura and identity, so efforts have emerged to explore traditions and culture that have developed, to then be actualized into a work that has score. This phenomenon underlies the artist instilling the essence of Javanese traditional values in the form of works of art. 

In this concept Rizqi conveys his idea that as a human being who was born in the Javanese environment and culture as the root of tradition that builds his personality, the work he creates is a form of interpretation of knowledge of values obtained through physical experience, intellectual experience and spiritual experience that is understood. repeated, its existence is felt and believed, which is then translated into contemporary society to address current issues. 

Selected Exhibitions

2024 – Cross of the Matter, Redbase Art, Sydney, Australia
2023 – Pamoring Jagad – Salvation to Save the Soul, Redbase Art, Sydney, Australia
2023 – Air Beriak, Akar Menjalar, Gulung Tikar Collective, Tulungagung, East Java, Indonesia
2023 – Aotearoa Art Fair 2023, Redbase Art, Auckland, New Zealand
2022 – Merekah Ruah, Festival Kebudayaan Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
2022 – YADAYUDA DAYUDAYA – Untitled Javanese Soul, Redbase Foundation, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
2019 – Macam-Macam, Redbase Foundation, Yogyakarta, Indonesia