Group Exhibition
18 April 2019
Redbase Foundation Indonesia


A Group Exhibitions

In their life, an art artist is confronted with elements that form the basis of his work, such as lines, fields, colors, and textures, in addition to the choice of material, style, and conceptual ideas behind the feelings and emotions he faces. The artist unconsciously performs repetition both irregular and irregular continuously – and it forms a rhythm that underlines his character artistically and aesthetically. The rhythm in the life of an artist can be very clearly observed, from the selection of the material he is exploring, the conceptual ideas he is currently struggling to, to the patterns of sleep and working hours which sometimes contrast with the rhythm of society in general.

Walking in the Rhythm is the title that collects the works on display, which in style may differ from one another, and personally if observed from the journey of the creative process each artist reflects the rhythm they experience. Ipeh, for example, explores the conceptual ideas that he encountered through medium drawing, Amin Taasha presents issues that occur in his country Afghanistan through his paintings on paper, Arbi with his line exploration, Soni Irawan with bright figures and colors, Celyn Bricker with exploration of the corrosion effects of copper in its abstract style, as well as the four other abstract artists; Zulfirman Syah, Uswarman, Ronald Efendi, and Rangga Anugrah Putra – which, from their creative process, can be seen how the rhythms shaping their artwork character.

Selected Artworks
Installation View

Amin Taasha

Arbi Rangkito

Celyn Bricker

Ipeh Nur

Rangga Anugrah Putra

Ronald Effendi

Soni Irawan


Zulfirman Syah