REDBASE is thrilled to announce our new 2024 art residency program, providing dedicated studio space and living accommodations for local and international artists. This exciting opportunity spans two months, beginning in early January 2024, during which participants will have the chance to immerse themselves fully in their creative processes within our inspiring facilities.

Artworks developed during the residency will culminate in a solo or group exhibition at the end of the program, hosted at Redbase. Our selection criteria prioritize an artist’s previous work, potential, and proficiency across various mediums, aiming to foster a diverse and innovative cohort. Artists of all backgrounds and ages are strongly encouraged to apply, as we believe in the power of creativity to transcend boundaries and enrich our artistic community.

International artists are particularly welcome to join us, adding global perspectives and cultural richness to our dynamic residency environment. This initiative seeks to not only support artists in their creative journeys but also to cultivate a vibrant and inclusive artistic community at Redbase. We look forward to welcoming passionate artists who are eager to explore, create, and collaborate in this unique artistic haven.

Download the form to apply the residency program: