For this exhibition Samuel Quinteros remarks: “My paintings depict themes that revolve around the exploration of inner space as an exercise in self-remembrance, through a correlation of personal experiences and art historical forms; a kind of expanded self-portraiture in the recognition that one’s own self is always greater than any of the concepts which make up one’s identity. My paintings are an expression of the artist’s philosophy of beauty, which works with figuration as an armature to create a feeling-tone and to represent arrangements of the mind, with a sensuality and embodiment reminiscent of Indo-European aesthetic traditions; a throwback to older ways of imagining.

This series of works reflect on what the Ancient Greeks referred to as ataraxia, a mystical state of stillness and tranquillity. Various interrelated motifs are worked together: a lotus represents purity of mind while figures in states of union and rest represents effortless knowledge of the body. An overarching theme is that of the ‘spectral’ which I consider from three senses: the motif of light, the unity of apparent opposites as a spectrum, and in the sense of the phantasmal that which haunts us as the seemingly alien and from without which is yet most intimate to us.”

Quinteros graduated from the Sydney College of the Arts and was a finalist for the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize, The Shirl – National Youth Portrait Prize and awarded by the Australia Council Visual Arts Travel Fund. His has exhibited in Tokyo, Singapore as well as across Australia.

– Joe Zhang

Selected exhibition:

2020 – “I myself am the world”, Galerie pompom, Sydney
2018 – “Samuel Quinteros”, Penrith Regional Gallery and The Lewers Bequest
“The Solar Way”, Galerie pompom, Sydney
2016 – “Blind Force of Creation”, Galerie pompom, Sydney
“Liquid Spirit”, 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan
2014 – “Samuel Quinteros”, Australia Square Foyer, Sydney
“Wotan, erwache!”, Galerie pompom, Sydney
2013 – “Gnosis (with Carl Cheleski)”, MOP Projects, Sydney

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