Antonio S. Sinaga

Antonio S. Sinaga was born in 1988, Indonesia
Antonio Sinaga finished his major at ceramic art in Bandung Institute of Technology. Through photography, applied printmaking, and ceramic, he always keep looking for the best form of relationship between human, religion, and social.
Born as a minority in a Moslem majority country gives many ways of perspective about the relationship between religions and society that has always been the theme of Antonio Sinaga’s artwork.
Sometimes it comes through social criticism, observation, and also some personal opinion that always developing from time to time according to the social condition that happens around, and also from personal experiences.
The basic purpose of his artwork is to make the audience ‘re-questioning’ about religion and society because committing to a ‘faith/believe’ without questioning is a strange thing for him.

Selected exhibition:
2015 – “Artmoments Jogja | 15 : Rooms with a View” group exhibition, at Jogja National Museum, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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