Osyadha Ramadhana


Osyadha Ramadhana (b. 1997), commonly known as Ocak, graduated with a major in Fine Arts from Universitas Brawijaya. Her artistic creations seamlessly integrates the technique of traditional batik into a contemporary framework by blending various textile mediums. Drawing inspiration from shared childhood memories, her creations are a tribute to collective experiences. One prominent influence on her work is the renowned tale of Sang Kancil, a clever mouse-deer featured in traditional fables popular in Indonesia and Malaysia.

In her piece, “They Just Want to Play on the Ground,” Ocak nostalgically reflects on her childhood experiences of playing amidst nature. Now, as an adult, she seeks to revive those cherished moments by exploring her surroundings and identifying plants suitable for natural dyeing. Pucuk merah leaves (Syzygium myrtifolium), suji leaves (Dracaena angustifolia), turmeric, and even teak wood waste are among the natural materials she uses in her works. Ocak draws parallels between her exploration and the adventurous spirit of Kancil, who found joy in navigating the nature. The overlapping text and images featuring Kancil in her artwork underscores Ocak’s concern for the lack of natural playgrounds for children in urban areas, despite being a crucial aspect of their growth and development.

Ocak’s artistic journey has taken her to numerous group exhibitions across Indonesia, including Redbase Foundation, Art Jakarta 2023 with Studio Dinding Luar, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, Mini Art Malang, and Russ Gallery Bali.


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