Fikky Ananda


Fikky Ananda (b. 1996) holds a degree in Fine Arts from the Indonesian Institute of Arts Yogyakarta, marking the beginning of her artistic journey seven years ago, when she delved into the intricate world of batik. For Fikky, batik is not merely a medium of art but a cultural heritage that holds significance as a means of expression. Her artistic style combines traditional batik techniques with conventional painting methods, employing both canting and brushes on fabric. Embracing the essence of traditional batik, she utilizes wax to block dye, crafting intricate patterns, and then incorporates finer details with a brush.

The central theme in many of Fikky’s artworks is utopia—an imagined realm where everything is ideal and perfect. Her pieces embody wishes and dreams, urging the audience to awaken from their reveries and actively pursue their aspirations. Beyond the realm of dreams, some of her works also contain social commentary. In “Amplop Mancing Amplop (Envelope Fishing Envelope),” Fikky addresses the pervasive culture of bribery deeply ingrained in Indonesian society where individuals offer gifts, often in the form of money concealed in an envelope, to expedite bureaucratic processes.

Fikky’s artworks have gained international recognition, earning her a place in several exhibitions abroad. Notably, in 2022, her pieces were featured in two exhibitions in France—the Caledonie Batik International Exhibition at Art Factory a Noumea Gallery and the Batik International Exhibition at Centre Cultural du Montdore. Fikky Ananda’s art transcends borders, weaving together cultural heritage, contemporary themes, and social commentary in a captivating tapestry that resonates globally.


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