Midsummer Day’s Dream

Solo Exhibition
25 Oct - 05 Dec 2023
Redbase Art Sydney


“Are you sure That we are awake?
It seems to me That yet we sleep, we dream.”

– William Shakespeare

“Innumerable lines make a solid form; building and then dividing. Forming a composition of their own space and story; they become my very own landscape.”
– Cheolyu Kim

Redbase proudly presents Cheolyu Kim’s solo exhibition, Midsummer day’s Dream. This exhibition explores the artist’s neo-surrealist conception of fantasy and metamorphosis through a visual narrative of dreaming the hero’s journey.

In his works, Kim collapses his chromatic palette to intensively focus on detailed composition, tonal gradients, and multiple perspectives. Distortional moiré clouds pattern interferences across cross-contour and cross-hatched lines, mapping otherwise infinite bending surfaces. The works are explorations evoking generative art and Argentinian Eduardo Mac Entyre, with curved undulating lines successively turning and vibrating on countless planes while emerging forms insist on self-contained geometric precision and sequenced movement. Lines become the medium for division and marking of form and space; the greatest adventure is to brutally have that line extend into the infinite.

Cheolyu Kim resides and practices in South Korea. Kim holds an MFA in Sculpture from Brooklyn College City University of New York and a BFA in Sculpture from Chung-Ang University of Seoul, South Korea. He has held numerous exhibitions and art fairs globally with recent participation in Aotearoa Art Fair and Sydney Contemporary.

Selected Artworks