A interpretive dance performance by Lorcan Power. 

Faux Pas explores intimacies, correlations, and expectations on each of us to conform, compared to a space inspired by difference, queerness and awkwardness.

Lorcan Power is a non-binary, queer identifying and chronically ill artist, here to tell authentic stories through the body and movement, while using the rituals of self-care and healing. They fuse dance training in contemporary and improvisation with the foundations from popping and hip hop culture, into their photographic and installation practice.

Coming from an artistic upbringing, they have always seen dance as an artform, and struggled with why there is this great divide between the ‘Dance World’ and the ‘Real World’. This is why their art practice merges with performance, to tell stories across the mediums.

Faux Pas is a performance installation – with the installation of Lorcan’s photographic print and fabric within the space – which will include a solo performance to an original music score by Julian Hovenden, and original costuming by India Heath & Tia Sebastian. 

5:00 – 6:00 pm
6th August 2022

Tea, fries and mini sandwiches will be served on the day.