Rizqi Maulana was born in 1996, Indonesia
He studies at Surabaya State Universitya, Surabaya.
Rizqi Maulana began to study and proceed with illustration work using pointilis techniques with themes influenced by the music he likes. Along with the process of creation and experience, as well as the various events he experiences empirically in his work he raises an issue about seekers of the nature of knowledge, forms of tirakat and religious activities, traditional culture, occult, as material in his work, then he reconstructs and conveys it with symbols and the visual language that he uses in his paintings.
Symbol is the dominant element in its relation in human culture civilization. Through symbols, humans are able to convey expressions and narratives that are relevant to events experienced empirically. This phenomenon brings up the deconstruction of understanding the meaning of symbols as a representation of the community towards the reality that is being lived, and raise a stigma that built on the basis of their own beliefs. As belief develops in the pattern of people’s lives, a reflection of a practice that is related to the beliefs of the surrounding community appears and contains traditional and religious values. Then reconstruct and combine symbols, signs, special prayers, selected verses or chanted mantras to reach a harmony that create a new invention that is used as a formula and has its own value and prestige. And this practice is still happening today.

Selected exhibition:
2019 – “Macam-macam” group exhibition, at Redbase Foundation, Yogyakarta, Indonesia