Desy Gitary


Desy Gitary was born in 1980, Indonesia

Bachelor of communication, Universitas Prof Dr. Moestopo, Jakarta. Desy was a journalist, news anchor, script writer. Character, memories, hopes are unpredictable. Charcoal, pastel, and acrylic are main material that Desy Gitary used to make paintings in small of large scale on canvas and paper. She put a lot of layers and short lines in to her drawing makes the object blur. She mixed the material to present the complexity about mind and feeling. As a self-thought artist, Desy not trying hard to displace a sight, but character, memories and hopes. Most of her works about human figure. Her concept is “unpredictable result”, the journey as face to face between Desy and her medium. Desy has 2 solo shows and many group exhibitions in Indonesia, Asia and Europe.