Antonio S. Sinaga


“I’m asking questions – not to find answers but to see where the questions lead.” – Antonio S. Sinaga

Antonio Sebastian Sinaga (b. Indonesia, 1988) finished his major in ceramic art at Bandung Institute of Technology. His background as a religious minority in a Muslim-majority country influences his photography, applied printmaking, and ceramic practices, through which he explores the relationship between humans, religion, and society.

Amongst social criticism, observations, personal experiences, and developing personal opinions, Antonio is creating a space for the audience to ‘re-question’ about religion and society as for him to be committing to a ‘faith/believe’ without questioning is a strange concept.

Selected exhibition:

2015 – “Artmoments Jogja | 15 : Rooms with a View” group exhibition, at Jogja National Museum, Yogyakarta, Indonesia


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