Andi Waskito


Artist Bio:

Andi Waskito was born in 1995 in Indonesia. He graduated from the Indonesian Institute of Art, Yogyakarta. In his “Behind The Scene Series,” each artwork presents an “abstraction” of a figure distorted by glass blocks. When the eye looks through the arrangement of glass blocks, we only see the “abstraction” of the object behind it. The perception that is present will be different when we look through the glass arrangement of blocks compared to seeing an object directly. When looking through the glass beam, the image of the object appears blurry, distorted, damaged, and tends to be unclear, but the original object behind it has not changed at all. Based on this, the way we see an object through a glass beam is felt to represent and form a metaphor for how we see and judge other individuals.

Artist Statement:

In this sophisticated era, information is obtained in a manner that is fast and easy. This sophistication, convenience, and acceleration also make it difficult for today’s generation to take the time to observe and analyse a matter or a problem because the era’s sophistication, convenience, and acceleration have spoiled them with all their forms and functions. Laziness to observe and analyse, coupled with the abundance of easily obtainable information, makes it very possible for someone to form an incorrect opinion or misinterpret something. Not a few people are mistaken in judging others based solely on their outer appearance without getting to know them further and deeper. Can we judge someone just from their outward appearance without getting to know them? Is it wrong to judge someone by analysing the statuses they write on their social media without ever trying to talk to them directly? Many partitions are built by one human being against another, trying to keep others out of and distancing them from each other.

Andi Waskito, or fondly called Andi, has explored this topic in his works. His creations focus on perception, interpretation, and identity. Perception varies significantly from person to person due to differences in experiences, emotions, situations, and circumstances, leading to subjective interpretations. Andi began his series of watercolour paintings by observing the behaviour of people around him. He noticed that people often rush to judge others based solely on their outward appearance without attempting to understand who they truly are. This often leads to opinions that are not necessarily true. He chose to represent his conceptual narrative using a deformed image on a glass block as a metaphor for pursuing and simplifying the topic he is thinking about and describing ambiguity and misinterpretation. Andi also explores faces extensively in his works because he believes that facial features are commonly used to identify one human being from another.

Selected Exhibitions:

2020 – “Refraction” solo exhibition, at Redbase Foundation, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
2019 – “Redefinig Chapter” group exhibition, at Redbase Foundation, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
2014 – “Gelar Tekon #1” group exhibition, at Jogja National Museum, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.


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