Solo Exhibition
11 September - 11 October 2021
Redbase Foundation Indonesia


Solo Exhibitions by Imes Paskalia

Art is the most closest self-approach for me as a human-being, on having an honesty hour with myself and the world. The honesty between the dark side of mine and wishes. Hope. For having an intimate and personal self-reflection on exploring ways to embrace the vulnerability that oneself have and learning to seek meaning behind every unexpected series of events where eventually, be able to genuinely accept, that it is the on-going maturity process in life, yet also be able to turn this bitter past and insaneness mental conditions into something remarkable. Reconcile from the scars and wounds that marked on human’s body, soul and life. Help to sharpen the sense of awareness and sensitivity towards my surrounding. It could be small matter or the obvious one. It is also consider as one of my spiritual journey between me as a human and God or universe. To see not only based on physical eye but using a sense of closure between human’s soul and universe.

Selected Artworks