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Composed During a Storm

Solo Exhibition
22 March - 12 April 2019
Redbase Foundation Indonesia


Simon Whetham- Composed During a Storm

“…while mid-day lightnings prowl Insidiously, untimely thunders growl…”
William Wordsworth, 1819

Thunderstorms occur daily in Yogyakarta, and are often extremely localised. You feel the winds gather strength, the air changing and the sky darkening. You feel a change in energy around you.

Storms represent a state of change, a welcome relief from the sweltering heat, burning sun and humid unmoving air.

A storm is now constantly present in the gallery space, allowing visitors a “shield of Tranquillity” (also a phrase from the poem by Wordsworth) from the sun and the heat outside, where one can come and experience another reality, both connected to and disconnected from the world outside.

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