Auckland Art Fair 2018
The Cloud
23 – 27 May 2018

The artwork is created by the feelings of artists aimed to give inspiration who sees it. How I want people to understand what i mean in my artwork. Now, I am more interested using the doll characters, because I think the doll makes it easy to bring the message contained in my artwork. And I think, everyone ever had doll, and have an experience about this doll. My artwork talks about present popular social issue. For examples: politics, culture, competition and others. Often the theme raised by bringing visual decorative dolls likens the modern society. Some works use canvas media and installation art for themes raised.

Lambskin Series
The Lambskin series began two years ago, building on a dialogue of religious symbolism in my work. The drive to explore my own faith and question the existence of God has lead my work from the direct, frontal iconography of the Last Supper series to the Religion of Science series, which describes a metaphorical tension between science and the catholic church. Religion of Science investigates a ritualistic dissecting of the body in search of God and the truth of religious doctrine under the skin. In this new two-part series I have adapted this pseudo-scientific approach to analyze the lamb, a strong symbol in the Roman Catholic Church that represents God, Jesus and ourselves as mortals. Through the use of macro imagery in the first part of the series, I examine and translate the small details of the skin and fur in search of something more spiritual or essential. Whereas the second part of the series preserves and displays a mass of lamb skin itself to express the secular method in which our civilization groups humanity into tribes, nationality, race. Although the basis of this series is derived from a visual and physical reality, the result takes on an ambiguous, abstract form, leaving my questions of faith and the church unanswered.

Some people do not understand what the meaning of peace and tranquility is –by arbitrarily destroying them and creating calamity and destruction on life. These paintings are symbolizing a hope, a hope from the bottom of heart, a hope of something good in the present time as well in the future. The hope which is symbolized with lines (dominantly in green one) as signs of safety, peace and civilized life. The horizontal lines are symbols of the time/ time that is expected to be continuously running, meaning continuously in safeness, tranquility and peace. Because only with ‘safety’ and ‘tranquility’ we could reflect that we have achieved all life.

Chilling Out
To the blowing wind
Blowing the north pole frost
That blew a monastery prayer
Or screaming the story of unfinished war
Then I talked too
To the waves of the Indian Ocean
Who is not tired of wandering wandering
Delivering the fish
To the fisherman
Only to perish
Then I kept talking
To anything …
Whether it’s fire, dust, flowers and even crazy people
And I keep talking Although this sound is quiet for them ..
Although this voice is discordant
But apparently this is a great performance
Take a Bath
I washed
And especially dirt in the Heart …
I washed
And Wetting
Especially from all the cuts in the Heart …

This artwork was made in the rainy season where I felt the cloudy, moody and dark atmosphere. I poured this aesthetic moment and emotions into the canvas.
Through this work I am more interested in processing the visual elements and playing on the side of artistic and emotional exploration than to narrate a complex concept.

Now there is no limit, in age, territory, interests, gender in this open communication of the digital world which is growing very fast. Life is increasingly surreal. Any movement can be happen with this quick and open access. Age doesn’t matter for existence, and it’s already in hand. The couple’s work is important for framing gender so that the message is become universal.

Stand Up by Laying
The main focus of this work is actually just in the position of painting, as simple as changing the horizontal position (landscape) to vertical (portrait), so I want to convey more to our perspective problem in assessing everything, and lately I also do my painting based on what happened around me, for this work is a portrait of myself that I duplicate and is sleeping in the living room of my house, so this is a learning / trying to understand my own (domestic) condition by looking from different perspectives. and with my head that I embroider, I intend to link / embroider others on my work (my problem), may be a reflection also for them. With the embroidered work on face or head, that’s just my excuse to share my life’s burden with others by looking at my work and understanding it.

Mourning the Wall
This work is as a reminder of an event that will not be forgotten, December 2016, when my mother died, the hallway which I drew was a hospital aisle where my mother was treated before dying, seeing her unfavorable condition, I had to let go of my mother. And I dedicate this artwork to my mother. Wall, although it provides warmth but still it felt very cold, as soon as I see my mother’s departure. Sit Back and Relax Being in and enjoying a comfort zone and ignoring the surroundings is a foolishness I often find in myself, perhaps even in most other people. Colorful little circles are the circles of comfort with all their ideals, and they will never make us become someone new. Understanding yourself is more than just sitting quietly and contemplating, with little things we do but we can start by looking for the real self.

Selected Artworks