Forms of Diversity

Group Exhibition
4 May - 22 July 2018
Redbase Foundation Indonesia


Forms of Diversity – Group Exhibitions

Talking about diversity means discussing differences and richness – richness of variation, form, scale, idea, point of view, etc. One thing is ‘different’ from the others because of the measurement to seek common ground between them, and something is “rich” if it has a large number or variation. “A lot of different flowers make a bouquet” –a quote that reflects how different things can be put together and create harmony. It also reflects a group exhibition entitled Forms of Diversity, which will be held by the REDBASE Yogyakarta from 4th May 2018 to 22nd July 2018.

Forms of Diversity is intended to illustrate the diversity of contemporary art practices, that not only focus on the exploration of conceptual ideas in which each artist can show his subjectivity, but also on the practice of selecting media and techniques to give form to those ideas; from a very simple concept of childhood memories, to women’s issues and philosophy, from traditional media like canvas to new media such as resin and photography, and from abstract to symbolic visualizations.

Each artist has a different background and has lived varied life experiences, and those influence the aesthetics and tastes in their unique art practice. Here we can see many differences and similarities. Artists who choose to work with the same medium may not necessarily use the same technique, and those who use the same medium and technique are not necessarily talking about the same concept. Artists who use different media, techniques, and even different visualizations sometimes talk about the same concept through their works. From similarity we learn differences, and from those differences we are conscious of richness.

Ayu Arista Murti

Citra Sasmita

Dedi Sufriadi

I Dewa Ngakan Made Ardana

I Made Widya Diputra

I Putu Adi Suanjaya

Iqi Qoror

Ismail Awi

Meliantha Muliawan

Oky Antonius

Oky Rey Montha

Ronald Effendi

Shafiq Nordin