End War

Solo Exhibition
24 August - 16 September 2017
Redbase Foundation Indonesia


Tommy Tanggara – End War

War on Cannabis, both against its growth and use, has taken many casualties. Those casualties were deprived of their freedom to utilize the plant. The law forbidding the Cannabis is far from reality as doesn’t take into account its overall benefits.

How many Cannabis users have been jailed and even sentenced to death?

Total eradication of Cannabis will never succeed and is indeed inappropriate because it grows endemically throughout many areas in the country, and lack of gainful employment in many parts of the country’s society is also one of the reasons why economy of Cannabis is easily found. In general, the eradication of crops and the usage of Cannabis performed by the government is based on suspicion of the negative effects of marijuana, and does not take into careful consideration the thousands of benefits that also can be obtained from its consumption, such as its medical and industrial applications, etc.

War against the production and consumption of Cannabis will only be won when the government finally considers its beneficial aspects and changes its policies. The decision is theirs. Don not eradicate Cannabis, but manage it as an asset to build up the nation and the state!

Cannabis is not to be fought but to be managed as an asset. Legalization is the only solution to this quotidian crime.